OBOCON helps develop and implement new market development, strategic partnership planning and unique product sourcing and risk management strategies in India, Middle East and Western Africa. Leverage our international business expertise, on-the-ground-resources, and infrastructure to grow your business internationally.

New Market Development

We will utilize on-the-ground resources to conduct a multi-country market analysis then provide you with a strategic way forward to enter new markets. This approach will help minimize the cost and risk associated with global expansion while allowing you to capitalize on high growth markets using our expertise, infrastructure and resources.

Sales and Distribution

Establishing and driving sales in new markets requires local expertise and constant attention. OBOCON will start-up or re-focus your sales efforts, establish your sales offices, hire and train your sales professionals, and provide in-country sales support. OBOCON will identify and vet distributors, establish in-country warehousing, distribution and logistics. OBOCON will save you the cost and problems of remotely managing foreign customers and resources.

Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Entering emerging markets through an acquisition or joint venture (JV) requires a thorough evaluation to find a suitable match. OBOCON will identify and evaluate potential JV partners & acquisition candidates to match your objectives. OBOCON acts as your single point of contact using our on-the-ground executive & technical personnel supported by our in-country legal & accounting alliances.

Strategic Project Development

OBOCON acts as a project developer in situations where it owns unique development rights for high value-added franchises and/or has an equity stake in the underlying project. While the primary focus of ours is on "greenfield" projects and ideas. We carefully select or conceives project ideas, validates them with investors and development partners, before engaging in its rigorous, multi-step, project development management process.

Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing refers to simply buying and bringing products or services, whereas procurement encompasses many more activities apart from simply buying.First we help organizations to procure products that meets or exceed expectations and once that process is complete, often work as a sourcing agent for our customers.